MAAC 2016 Division Guidelines

Here are the Division Standards for the MAAC 2016. Remember, these are just a guideline to help you choose the division you would like to compete in. It does not mean we will use these weights, just use an indicator. The MAAC is known for being a difficult competition, and for good reason. We like to challenge the norm, knowing that you are all capable of a great deal, and when put into difficult situations see you thrive. 

Elite Division - 

This is invite only, or you will be able to fill out an application to compete in this division. You know if you belong in this Division or not. Think Regional and Games levels competitors.  Some invites have already gone out, if you have not gotten one but want to compete in the Elite Division, please email me at and I will get you an application.


Rx'd Division - 

Snatch: 185/125

Clean and Jerk: 225/145

Should have Chest to Bar pullups as well as Toes to bar. 


Scaled and Master's Division - 

Snatch: 135/85

Clean and Jerk: 175/115

Should have pullups and Knees to Elbows. 

***Masters teams must be made up of 4 athletes all over the age of 40***


Again this is just a gauge to get an idea of where you should compete. Regardless of what division you choose, you will be tested, the workouts will be hard. This just ensures that you are competing against the right group of athletes.

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