Day 1 Workouts and Standards

All workout standards for day 1 are listed below. Your questions will be answered promptly. We will go over all of this on the day of the competition. 

WOD 1: "Let's Get Heavy" 
Brought to you by: Reebok

wod 1 maac

6 minutes:
Find 1 Rep. Max Snatch

6 minutes: 
Find 1 Rep. Max Clean and Jerk

  • Snatch - Must start from the floor, and declare to judge what the weight on the bar is for the attempt. Only 1 person can lift at a time. The lift can be a power snatch, or squat snatch, and if the person wants to go from the hang they can do that as well. Bar must start on the floor and snatched to the overhead position, with full lockout at top, standing the rep up where the judge gives the good lift command. 
  • Clean and Jerk - Same Standards as snatch in terms of the bar starting on the floor and being cleaned to the shoulders. Can be a power clean or squat clean, and can also be cleaned from the hang. The shoulder to OH position can be achieved in any form of the following, strict press, push press, push jerk, split jerk or squat jerk. Finishing the rep is full lockout overhead, with both feet together. Again the judge will give the good lift command before the bar is dropped.

Each athlete can take as many attempts as they want in the 6 minute time frame, and they can go up and down in weight as they please. 

WOD 2: "Sprint Relay"
Brought to you by: TrueForm Running

wod 2 maac 2016

12 Minute Time Cap

Each athlete must complete the following in relay format:

20 Wall Balls Elite(30/20) Rx(20/14) Scaled(20/14)
5 Burpees over the box Elite(30/24) Rx(24/20) Scaled(24/20)
400m Run on TrueForm Runner

All Athletes start on start mat behind the rig. At the call of 3,2,1 Go, athlete 1 enters the workout floor and completes 20 Wall Balls, 5 Burpees over the box, and a 400m Run on TrueForm. When the run is complete they run back to the start mat and tag athlete 2 who does the same. Time ends when all 4 athletes complete the work, and the final athlete gets back onto the start mat.

  • Wall Ball - They must reach full squat depth and throw the wall ball to the target. If the ball misses the target or the athlete does not reach full depth in the squat then a No Rep will be given and the rep will need to performed again.
  • Burpee over the box- The athlete will start on one side of the box, perform a burpee where their chest touches the floor. They must then get over the box, Elite and Rx will have to jump with both feet and get to the other side of the box. Scaled will have the option to step up if they chose to do so. The rep is counted when the athlete gets to the other side of the box. There is no requirement to reach full extension on the box, and if the athlete wishes to jump over the box that is good, just making sure the athlete clears over the box and not to the side of it.
  • 400m run on TrueForm Runner: The athlete hops on and runs until the monitor reads .25 miles. They cannot leave the machine until the judge gives the good command, meaning they cannot leave at .24 and letting it roll to .25.

    The next athlete up for the relay must remain on the start mat until they are “tagged” by the athlete coming off the workout floor. When all athletes get back to the start mat, the judge will stop the time.

WOD 3: "To Rest or Not To Rest" 
Brought to you by: Pure-Strength

wod 3 maac 2016

All Athletes start on start mat behind the rig. At the call of 3,2,1 Go, the Male/Male pair starts on the AMRAP, while the FF Pair heads to the Ski Erg. The Male/Male pair have to work 1 person at a time until they complete a full round of the workout, while the Female/Female pair go for max cals on the Ski Erg. Once a full round is completed by the men, they must run to the Ski Erg and tag the women. Once the women are tagged they must run to the rope and start on the AMRAP,  while the men go for max calories. Once they complete a full round they run to tag the men and the men go back for another round. This continues until 10 minutes is complete. When the time ends the judge will take the AMRAP score + the number of calories on the monitor.

  • Rope Climb - Athletes must climb to the top of the rope however they like, touch the rig, and come down in a controlled manner until they pass the 9ft tape line, they can release from the rope at that point. If they release before its a no rep. Elite will have to do legless, they are however allowed to use their legs on the way down. All divisions have 3 rope climbs for men and 2 for women.
  • Deadlifts -  One athlete working at a time, they must reach full extension at the top, and the bar must touch the ground, without bouncing at the bottom. Dropping the rep at the top is allowed.
  • Shoulder to OH: Any movement is accepted; strict press, push press, push jerk, split jerk, as long as they reach extension at the top, legs locked out and brought back underneath the hips for each rep.



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