Day 2 Workout Standards

Day 2 workout and standards for the Mid-Atlantic Affiliate Challenge. The standards for all levels of competition are explained here and will also be demonstrated before the competition. Learn more about MAAChallenge 2016 workouts 4 and 5 are: 

WOD 4: The Serpent
Brought to you by Norse Strength

All Athletes start on the start mat, at the call of 3,2,1 GO, all 4 athletes will enter the workout floor to the 1st quadrant where their serpent will be. They pick up the serpent and perform 20 Squats as a team. They then drop the Serpent to the floor and complete 10 Serpent Burpees, followed by 5 Serpent clean and jerks. Once they complete all 3 movements, they move the Serpent to the next quadrant for the next set. Once they complete all 4 sets, all 4 athletes must run to the start mat where the judge will stop the time.

  • Serpent Squats - They must all reach full squat depth, and stand up to full extension. It does not have to be perfectly synchronized, but they all have to be on the same rep.  Being in sync will help the repetitions be easier for the team, but it is not required.
  • Serpent Burpees- All athletes must be on the floor with their chest touching the ground at the same time. They all must jump over the Serpent with both feet, no stepping over. No synchronization required on the jump, again they all must have chest touching the floor at the same time. If someone stands up to early and only 3 out of 4 athletes have chest on the ground then a no rep will be given.
  • Serpent Clean and Jerks: The Serpent must be brought up to the shoulders of all 4 team members, go overhead to the other shoulder, then to the floor. No lockout overhead required.

WOD 5: Bonnie and Clyde
Brought to you by Best Bar Ever

WOD_5 MAAC 2016

All Athletes start on the start mat, at the call of 3,2,1 GO, a Male/Female Pair will enter the workout floor. They complete a 30 Calorie Bike with 1 person working at a time, then move on to the bar and complete 15 sychronized thrusters. Once those are complete the pair move to the pullup bar and complete the reps for Toes to Bar or Knees to elbows for Scaled. Followed again by synchronized thrusters, and finished up on the bike. Once the next pair completes the same thing, they must run to the start mat, once all athletes are back on the start mat time will stop.

  • Assault Bike - The Assault Bike can be setup with their preference before the workout begins. The judge will set it to Zero Calories before the workout begins. 1 person working at a time, and both athletes must stay at the bike until 30 calories is achieved.
  • Synchronized Thrusters: The thrusters do not necessarily have to be full synchronized, each team member must just be on the same rep, no partner can be ahead of the other in the reps. Thruster standard is passing through the depth of a full squat, then coming up in one smooth motion getting the bar overhead, no redipping or thruster jerks allowed.
  • Toes to Bar/Knees to Elbows- Fully extended at the bottom with both feet passing the horizontal plane of the bar. Both feet must make contact between the hands at the same time to the bar. For the Knees to elbows, the knees must make contact with the arms between the elbow and the armpit, with both feet passing the horizontal plane of the rig and arms reaching full extension in between each rep. 

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