WOD 1 Standards and Description

WOD 1  "You Guessed It"  Brought to you by: Kinetik Collective

6 Minutes: 

1 Male/1 Female 

Each find a 1RM Snatch

6 Minutes:

1 Male/1 Female 

Each find a 1RM Clean and Jerk



Must start from the floor, and declare to judge what the weight on the bar is for the attempt. Only 1 person can lift at a time. The lift can be a power snatch, or squat snatch, and if the person wants to go from the hang they can do that as well. Bar must start on the floor and snatched to the overhead position, with full lockout at top, standing the rep up where the judge gives the good lift command.  

Clean and Jerk

Same Standards as snatch in terms of the bar starting on the floor and being cleaned to the shoulders. Can be a power clean or squat clean, and can also be cleaned from the hang. The shoulder to OH position can be achieved in any form of the following, strict press, push press, push jerk, split jerk or squat jerk. Finishing the rep is full lockout overhead, with both feet together. Again the judge will give the good lift command before the bar is dropped. 

Each athlete can take as many attempts as they want in the 6 minute time frame, and they can go up and down in weight as they please. 

Scoring: The score for the team is the top lift for the Male and Female Snatch, added together. Then added to the heaviest list for the Male and Female Clean and Jerk. That total weight is the score for the team.