WOD 2 Standards and Descriptions

WOD 2 "Twinned Up Fran" Brought to you by RevivRX

12 Minute AMRAP - MF Pairs

Synchronized E(10 BMU) Rx(15 C2B) Sc(15 Pullups)

10 Synchronized Thrusters E(135/95) Rx(95/65) Sc(95/65)

10 Synchronized Burpees over the Bar

At 6 Minute Mark, the other MF pair enters the workout floor


Flow - All Athletes start on start mat behind the rig. At the call of 3,2,1 Go, first MF Pair will enter the workout floor. They will complete the AMRAP being Synchronized in all movements. Starting with Pullups, reps and type depending on division, then continuing to Synchro Thrusters, and then to the Synchro Burpees over the Bar. They will continue this for 6 minutes, once the 6 minute mark hits, the next Male/Female pair continue where the others left off. They continue until the 12 minute mark has hit. Score is total reps and rounds.

Synchronized BMU/C2B/Pullups - Athlete starts with feet off the ground, arms extended, and completes a pullup when chin breaks the plane of the bar. These can be completed in any fashion, meaning strict, kipping or butterfly. If chest to bar is the standard then same starting position is required but the bar must make contact below the clavicle. 

Pullups - are synchronized when both athletes chins are above the plane of the bar at the same time.

C2B Pullups - are synchronized when both athletes make contact with the bar below the clavicle. 

Bar Muscle Ups - these are synchronized at the top. If the athletes are off sync that is ok, but they need to both be at the top with arms locked out for the rep to count.

Burpees Over the Bar - The only place they need to be synchronized is at the floor, meaning both athletes chests are touching the ground at the same time, they then jump over the bar. The rep is counted when both athletes jump with two feet over the bar. Both athletes will move to the Men’s Barbell to complete these reps.

Scoring: The score for the team is rounds + reps. 

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