WOD 4 Standards and Description

WOD 4 "Fast and Furious"
Brought to you by: Revive Cryo Therapy

14 Minute Cap - FMFM

In Relay fashion, each athlete completes the following:

15 Burpees over the Box E(30/24) Rx(24/20) Sc(24/20)

10 Power Snatch E(135/95) Rx(115/75) Sc(95/65)

200m TrueForm Run

Standards and Flow

All Athletes start on the start mat, at the call of 3,2,1 GO, Female athlete 1 enters the workout area, and completes 15 burpees over the box. Elite and Rx have to jump, Scaled can step over. Once completed Female athlete 1 moves on to 10 Power Snatches. Once those reps are complete they go to the TrueForm and do a 200m sprint. When finished, Female Athlete 1 moves to the finish mat, once on the Finish Mat, Male Athlete 1 can enter the workout. 

Workout ends when all 4 athletes are on the Finish Mat. If a team gets time capped, the remaining reps are added to the 14:00 total time.

Burpee over the box- The athlete will start on one side of the box, perform a burpee where their chest touches the floor. They must then get over the box, Elite and Rx will have to jump with both feet and get to the other side of the box. Scaled will have the option to step up if they chose to do so. The rep is counted when the athlete gets to the other side of the box. There is no requirement to reach full extension on the box, and if the athlete wishes to jump over the box that is good, just making sure the athlete clears over the box and not to the side of it.

Power Snatches - Bar starts on the floor and is taken to the overhead position in one smooth movement. The arms must be extended overhead and the feet brought back together underneath the shoulders. Press outs are allowed but the bar cannot touch the head or shoulders. 

200m run on TruForm Runner: The athlete hops on and runs until the monitor reads .20 kilometers. They cannot leave the machine until the judge gives the good command, meaning they cannot leave at .19 and letting it roll to .20.

Scoring: The score for the team is time. If the team gets time capped, all additional reps will add 1 second per rep to the time of 14 minutes for the teams score, including 1 rep to get to the finish mat.

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