Everything you need to know about MAAC 17

This is your first source for FAQ's regarding the MAAC weekend. We will do our best to respond to inquiries via our Facebook and Instagram pages, as well as email. Our goal is to keep you informed throughout the weekend. Whether your spectating or competing, we hope you can find your answers here! 

Workouts and Standards

Remember any additional questions will be answered at the athlete briefings each day. Your team is not REQUIRED to be at the briefings, however it is highly recommended a team captain or rep from your team is there to get the information. 

Workout Times/Daily Timeline

You can check the general timeline of events here. Heat times will be posted in the athlete area and on our Facebook/blog pages. If you have questions regarding the schedule, flow of events, or general inquiry about the event, there is an INFO DESK located at the front of Meadowbrook. They will be able to answer your most pressing questions. 

Food Vendors

Power Supply
Dizzy Cow Pizzeria
The Smoking Swine
The Green Bowl Truck

Power Supply will be selling meals inside the venue, the other vendors will be selling outside.

Spectator Information

Ticketing information is as follows: 

12 years of age and older must have a wristband. We ask that you please respect this policy at the venue. Cash and card are accepted.

Sponsors and Vendor Village

This event would not be possible without support from our sponsors. We will have a vast vendor village available for athletes and spectators to enjoy. We have done our best with the programming to make the event as fun to watch as it is to compete. 

Many vendors will be offering some special deals throughout the weekend, so make sure to stop by their booth. A full list of vendors can be found here.

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