Registering for the 2018 MAAChallenge


When you have assembled your MAAChallenge team, there are a couple things to know about moving forward with registration. We are highlighting a few pieces below to help you get it all right. 

Register Your Team

All of your team information, payments, and waivers will be done through our external registration site on Wodify Arena. Following the registration link below will redirect you. 

Please note that team name, team members, and other small changes can be made to your teams roster up to two weeks prior to the event. That being said, if you plan to compete and are in the process of rounding out your team, we'd highly recommend you securing your teams spot before spaces sell out. 

Team Captains: Make sure you have the correct email addresses, name/last name, for all team members before registering. This will enable us to contact everyone regarding event information- and takes some of the communication responsibilities off of you. 

Division Standards

These are guidelines to help you gauge the division in which you belong. It does not mean we will use these weights or every movement listed here will be in a workout, just use an indicator. If you are in between two divisions, please contact us with your questions and we can direct you to the correct space. 

*Any Scaled teams who podium at previous MAAC's must register in the RX division* 

The MAAC is known for being a difficult competition and for good reason. We like to challenge the norm, knowing that you are all capable of a great deal. Surprisingly (or not surprisingly) when put in difficult situations these athletes thrive. 

Elite Division

This is invite only, or you will be able to fill out an application to compete in this division. You know if you belong in this Division or not. Think Regional and Games levels competitors. If you would like to apply for an Elite spot at this competition, please contact

Rx'd Division - 

Snatch: 185/125
Clean and Jerk: 225/155
Should have Chest to Bar pull-ups as well as toes to bar
Bar/Ring Muscle Ups

Scaled Division - 

Snatch: 115/75
Clean and Jerk: 135/95
Should have pull-ups and knees to elbows. 

Regardless of what division you choose, you will be tested. Should you need to switch divisions, we can do so before the event. This just ensures that you are competing against the right group of athletes.

What about the shirts? 

Team apparel is included in your registration price. If there are any last minute changes, we won't be able to ensure exact sizes but will do our best to accommodate your team with the best swag we can! 

Approximate event timings:

With families and additional commitments, it's good to have a general outline of what your days will look like during the MAAC weekend. The approximate timings for each day are: 
Saturday April 14: 8AM-5PM
Sunday April 15: 8AM-4PM

If you have any further questions about registration, please contact us.