Affiliate Spotlight

The sport of fitness is grounded in passion and an unbreakable bond between athletes and the community surrounding it. While some started training in their garages, or have built a modest garage gym of their own, the community surrounding affiliates remains the same.

This sense of togetherness, the idea that a group of people are willing to sweat, suffer, and cheer you on through a workout, is what grounds the Mid-Atlantic Affiliate Challenge. Since 2012 the event has had the goal of bringing together various affiliates from across, and even  outside of the region. We outgrew box space in 2012 and moved to a different sports arena PowerUp Sports, outgrew that, and have now remained at the Meadowbrook Athletic Complex where we’re filled to the brim. Here, we host over 800 athletes from 85+ affiliates, most of which have multiple teams entered in the competition.

Over 800 athletes. Over 85 affiliates represented. Is your box one of them?

Each year, the Mid-Atlantic Affiliate Challenge gives athletes a chance to compete as a group, and to travel as a gym to a competition that will test them in various ways. From outdoor running workouts, to serpent WOD’s, to heavy lifting, each athlete is relied on in one way or another. This not only helps athletes understand the importance of building a well-rounded team, but it is a fundamental requirement of an sort of team work (in fitness in life): working together for the best outcome possible.

Whether you are entering your first MAAChallenge or are a seasoned vet, there’s a place for you to learn, enjoy, and celebrate the fitness community all within one weekend. Every athlete, vendor, sponsor, volunteer, and judge contributes something to the competition that has kept us building year after year. We can’t wait for what 2018 has in store.

Luke EspeComment