NEW DIVISION ALERT: MAAC x Crossroads Adaptive Alliance


For the past two years, we have had teams from CrossFit Hierarchy compete successfully with teammates who are hearing impaired. This is not only impressive from a teamwork standard, but from a persistence standpoint as well. The Hierarchy teams inspired us to open the competition to more adaptive needs athletes. We are excited to partner with Crossroads Adaptive Athlete Alliance to form an official adaptive team division.

The purpose of adding this division will be to highlight what each person brings to the team through their unique strengths and talents. As such, the adaptations for each movement will be minimal (but reasonable). Just as any division in the MAAC, you are encouraged to build a team that is as balanced as possible so everyone can contribute. For this division, the rules are as follows: 4-person teams consisting of two females and two males

at LEAST one member of the team must have a permanent impairment that affects their movement (e.g. an adaptive need)

the movements and weights will most closely mirror the Scaled Division if you want to look a previous year's WODs for ideas

expect to do 5 WODs of the course of the weekend

Our goal is to make the MAAChallenge an inclusive event for all athletes. This is just another step in that direction!

To register your team, click here

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