2018 MAAChallenge WOD Descriptions 3, 4, & 5

"The Crucible" Brought to you by Norse Strength


4 Sets for Time - 18 Minute Time Cap
3 Team Members complete the following:
5 Synchronized Burpees over the Wall
Serpent Clean and Jerks E(7) Rx(6) Sc(5)
5 Synchronized Burpees over the Wall
1 Team Member does trail run

Once all 4 Members do trail run, and all sets are completed, all 4 team members meet in corral
and go on a trail run TOGETHER. Once they get back from the run, they all go OVER the wall,
meet up at the serpent and wait for all 4 team members to get there. Once all 4 team members
are back they move their serpent into the final zone where they complete the following.

3 People working:
Serpent Squats E(30) Rx(25) Sc(20)
Once that is finished the team moves to the finish line to complete the workout.

At the start of 3,2,1 GO Teams will move from the corral and 3 athletes go to workout area to
complete Set 1 of the Synchro Burpees over Wall and Serpent C&Js. The fourth athlete will take
off on a trail run. Once the team completes 1 set of the workout they will meet back up at the
corral and wait for their teammate that as running. Once all 4 athletes are back at corral, a new
teammate will go for a run while the 3 teammates will go complete another round of the workout.
Once all work is completed, and all 4 team members have run, all 4 athletes will go for a trail

run, once they return they must go OVER the wall and wait at the serpent until all team members are back and TOUCH the serpent. They then proceed to move the serpent to the final stage and complete Serpent squats, reps depending on division. Once all work is complete, time is taken once all 4 team members cross the finish line.

Synchronized Burpee over the Wall - All 3 athletes must have chest and thighs on the ground at
the same time, once this is achieved the synchronization is complete. All 3 team members must
get over the wall, and when all 3 team members are on the other side the rep is counted. They
do NOT need to clear the wall at the same time, just being on the ground together. Athletes may
help other athletes get over the wall if needed.
Serpent Clean and Jerks - Each athlete grabs a bag, lifts bag to one shoulder, then goes over
head to other shoulder. The opposite shoulder is where the rep is counted, and each rep starts
from the ground.

Trail Run - Approximately 400m, athletes leave the corral and leave the field, staying on the
paved path they run around the baseball field, entering back into the field on the opposite side.
They run back to designated gate and wait for the rest of their team to get back to corral. Run
order is up to the team, but each team member MUST run.

Serpent Squats - Serpent on same shoulder for all 3 teammates, and all must be below parallel
before coming out of the squat.

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15 Minute Cap - Female Male Female Male
In Relay fashion, each athlete completes the following:
Cal Row E(20/15) Rx(15/12) Sc(15/12)
5 D-Ball over the Shoulder E(150/100) Rx(100/70) Sc(70/50)
15 Thrusters E(115/75) Rx(115/75) Sc(95/65)
5 D-Ball over the Shoulder E(150/100) Rx(100/70) Sc(70/50)
Cal Row E(20/15) Rx(15/12) Sc(15/12)

All Athletes start on the start mat, at the call of 3,2,1 GO, Female athlete 1 enters the workout
area, and completes the row, moves to the D-Ball to complete 5 reps over the shoulder, then to the barbell for 15 thrusters, back to the D-Ball, and finally back to the rower. When finished, Female Athlete 1 moves to the finish mat, once on the Finish Mat, Male Athlete 1 can enter the workout.

Workout ends when all 4 athletes are on the Finish Mat.


Row - Athletes must adjust rower before the workout starts, but during the workout will NOT
touch the monitor. This is the judges job so do not touch the monitor. Athletes must stay seated
until the rower reads the correct number of calories.

D-Ball Over the Shoulder - Ball starts on the floor, athlete must bring it up and over the shoulder
with the hips and knees extended at the top. It cannot roll off the shoulder to the side, or have a
bend in the hips or knees when throwing over the shoulder.

Thruster - Bar starts on floor and can be squat cleaned into the first rep. Rep is counted when
hips and knees are extended, with barbell in finished overhead position.

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14 Minute AMRAP
MF Pairs Complete the following:
Sc(15 Pull-ups) Rx(15 C2B) E(10 BMU)
10 Axel Deadlifts Sc(270) Rx(315) E(360)
Other MF Pair is getting Max Cals on Ski Erg. Pairs switch every time a round is completed.

All Athletes start on the start mat, at the call of 3,2,1 GO, a Male/Female Pair will enter the
workout floor, while the remaining Male/Female pair head to their Ski erg. The first Pair will
complete the gymnastics with 1 person working at a time, and then move to axel where they will
complete synchronized Axel Deadlifts. Once the work is complete, they will move to Ski Erg and

Gymnastics -
Regardless of division there is no minimum work requirement on the gymnastics,
just needs to be completed whether it is split between the two or all one athlete.
Pull-ups can be completed with whatever technique desired, but athletes must start in dead hang position and get chin above the plane of the bar.
Chest to Bar requires same extension at the bottom and must touch the bar somewhere below the clavicle.
Bar Muscle Up again requires the same extension, and must pass through some portion of a dip, reaching full lockup at the top. The heels must NOT pass the plane of the bar on the way, otherwise known as a glide kip.

Axel Bar Deadlifts - These are partner deadlifts, with the male on the left and the female on the
right of the bar. Both athletes must reach full extension at the top with hips and knees extended.

Ski Erg - Athletes may adjust the machine before the workout or during, but CANNOT touch the
monitor. The judge will start the monitor and will not reset at anytime during the workout.