On the front lines and behind the scenes

Every year, we reach out to fitness enthusiasts who may not want to compete, but enjoy being a part of fitness competitions. On paper, it is quite a tough sell: "Can we use up most of your free time on Friday, Saturday, or Sunday (or maybe all three days) so the MAAChallenge runs smoothly?" But luckily we have a large group of people who believe in this event, who join us year after year, and bring their friends along as well! 

Territory Foods always delivers with fuel for the team, we have included multiple other ways to show our appreciation for the support staff of the MAAC, and our volunteer leads are top-notch.

Whether it's the promise of free food and a fun time, or a sheer love for fitness- we're extremely glad to have a great team of volunteers, judges, and medical staff who give up their time for this competition. Without them, it is simple to say that this event would not run nearly as well. 

We wanted to give the MAAC staff a little bit more time to shine. A big shoutout to one of our 12 Labours members, and dedicated volunteer throughout the weekend, Matt N. for putting together our team tribute. 

For your viewing pleasure: The MAAC Support Staff

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