Medical Staff rundown


The red shirts cannot be missed at the MAAC. Mostly because they look awesome, but mainly because they play a MAJOR role in the overall safety of the event and the well-being of our staff, athletes and spectators. With the help of Kim Murray, RN M.S, we have assembled a very well experienced team that can tend to athletes. Whether it's some body work before or after an event, or a more serious issue, we will be ready to help. Check out the entire team below. 

Kimberley Murray, RN, M.S.  Welcome! I'm your MAAC Medical Team Lead for the Third year and honored to head this group of highly trained professionally licensed individuals. I've been able to work at about one competition a month in the MD/DC/VA area since I started CrossFit 5 years ago, and have been Medical Team Lead for many. I've volunteered on the Medical Team for 5 Regionals now, In 2016, I was selected as the Medical Team Lead for the Atlantic Regionals. I travelled to Carson, CA to participate in the Medical Team at the Games in 2016 and was a Team Lead for 2 of the 7 days I was there. I've also done Medical for Wodapalooza in Miami, Working Wounded Games in D.C. and N.C. as well as many SuperFit comps in the East including the National Championships in 2016 in Richmond, VA. I'm an RN and teach Nursing and CPR and BLS (Basic Life Support). I'm also a member of the Maryland Responds Medical Reserve Corps and have my CrossFit L1 Certification. I look forward to serving our CrossFit athletes this weekend. Please take advantage of all our complimentary Mobility/Recovery/Taping/First Aid Services and let me know if you need anything!

Josh Plummer, PT, DPT, FMS, CSCS, USA-W As Co-owner of Impact Sports Physical Therapy, a sports performance and rehabilitation company located in Howard County, Josh has experience working with high level athletes spanning all sports and levels, including providing on-site physical therapy for the University of Maryland athletics. An extensive history in spinal manipulations, instrument assisted soft tissue mobilization, cupping, dry needling, and other manual therapy techniques, Josh uses the most up-to-date and cutting edge treatment philosophies to speed recovery and improve sport performance.

Dr. Bobby Esbrandt, PT, DPT, CSCS, PES, USAW, Cert. DN  is the co-owner and co-founder of Impact Sports Physical Therapy. As a former college athlete himself, he has extensive experience treating athletes at both the collegiate and professional levels.

Dr. Ryan Smith is the COO of Recharge, home of HoCo CrossFit, a Doctor of physical therapy, and a CrossFit level 1 Trainer.

Dr. Keri Jones, DOM, C.SMA, L.Ac is an acupuncturist and Chinese herbalist who specializes and is certified in Sports Medicine Acupuncture. She uses motor points, cupping and a scraping technique called gua sha to balance the dynamic of agonist and antagonist muscles, break up stubborn adhesions in the connective tissue/muscle fascia, and improve circulation to speed up recovery. She was a Division I distance runner in college and is now an aspiring CrossFit athlete. She has been working with the CrossFit community for 2 years and currently works directly with CrossFit Revamped in Columbia and Old Line CrossFit in Severna Park.

Jon Coulson DPT, Cert. MDT, CMTPT works for Life Fitness Physical Therapy at his Westminster, MD location full-time treating primarily outpatient orthopedic conditions, and he also works part-time at Mercy Medical Center of Baltimore treating an inpatient post surgical caseload. He utilizes a large toolbox of manual techniques including mobilizations, manipulations, myofascial releases, instrument assisted soft tissue massage, and dry needling having achieved multiple manual certifications. He participates in a barbell club at Blackbird CrossFit focusing on clean and jerks and snatches in addition to independently performing a 5-3-1 program based on Jim Wendler's work focusing on squatting, deadlifting, bench pressing, and overhead pressing.

William "Chip" Bleam III, D.C. is the owner of Freedom Chiropractic & Rehab in Eldersburg, MD. Over the past several years, he has obtained extensive training in the Graston Technique, Functional Dry Needling, SFMA, and FMS. He uses these techniques and many others to help the athletes around him get relief from pain so that they can continue to pursue their next PR.

Kim Ball, EMT, and CNA certified. Kim works in the pediatric emergency room at Anne Arundel Medical Center and has about 4 years or so experience of CrossFit experience.

Christy Oeth, RN has been CrossFitting since 2011 and also Nursing since 2001.  Her nursing experience is in critical care, emergency department, home health, float pool (through many different units), and now in PACU and Same Day Surgery. This is her second year at MAAC running the clinical area.

Scott Nittolo, RN, BSN has worked as a flight medic for 9 years with the Air Force and recently started as a RN in an emergency dept at Sentara. Scott has enjoyed CrossFit for 3 years since he got involved while deployed to Afghanistan.

Jean Jauregui, RN, BSN is a Registered nurse with over 3 years of CrossFit experience at 12 Labours CrossFit Annapolis. Jean has been an Intensive Care Unit nurse for 4 years at Baltimore Washington Medical Center, and is the Director of Nursing for CrowdRx- an emergency medicine company that provides medical care at large music festivals (Moonrise, Lost Lands, EDC, Burning Man, etc.), and will graduate with her Family Nurse Practitioner and Doctorate of Nursing Practice degrees in May 2018.

Pam Showman is a physical therapy student from Ohio State University on a current rotation at Recharge and a CrossFit level 1 trainer.

Peter Watts R.M.P.,the founder of Red Branch Massage will be providing massage to reduce muscle tension and relief for sore muscles.  He promises to deliver an exceptional experience!


Casey Niemela, Athletic Trainer
Shannon Matheny, Athletic Trainer
Jennifer Gmahl de Interiano, RN
Michelle Duke, EMT
Amanda Maisel, CPR and ASL Interpreter
Alexa Maisel, CPR
Jeff Sims, CPR