WOD 5 Standards and Description

WOD 5 - Ballin’
Brought to you by: Maverick Athletic Company

14 Minute AMRAP
MM / FF Pairs Completes the following:

3 Rope Climbs
E(1 Legless + 2 Regular) // RX (3 Regular Rope Climbs) // Sc (2 Regular Rope Climbs)
20 Wall Balls E(30/20) RX(20/14) Sc(20/14)
10 DBall over Shoulder E(150/100) Rx(100/70) Sc(70/50)

Other Pair is getting Max Cals on Rower.
Pairs switch every time a round is completed.

***Score is Reps in Workout + Cals on Rower***

Standards and Flow

All Athletes start on the start mat, at the call of 3,2,1 GO, a Male/Male Pair will enter the workout floor, while the remaining Female/Female pair head to their rower. The first Pair with 1 person working at a time, will complete 1 round of Rope Climbs, 20 Wall Balls and 10 Dball over the shoulder. Once completed they head to the rower and tag off to their other teammates. First pair picks up where the other pair left off on the rower, and the second pair completes a round of the workout. They continue this rotation until the 14 minute clock is done.

Rope Climb - Athletes must climb to the top of the rope however they like, touch the rig, and come down in a controlled manner until they pass the 9ft tape line, they can release from the rope at that point. If they release before its a no rep. Elite will have to do the first one legless, they are however allowed to use their legs on the way down, and then finish their remaining 2 rope climbs however they like.

Wall Ball - They must reach full squat depth and throw the wall ball to the target. If the ball misses the target or the athlete does not reach full depth in the squat then a No Rep will be given and the rep will need to performed again.

D-Ball over the Shoulder -  Ball starts on the floor, athlete must bring it up and over the shoulder with the hips and knees extended at the top. It cannot roll off the shoulder to the side, or have a bend in the hips or knees when throwing over the shoulder. Only one D-ball can be off of the ground at a time.

Rower - Athletes get onto the rower, and are NOT allowed to touch the monitor. They can touch the damper and foot pads but not the monitor. They are just working towards max calories, and the switch happens when the other teammates get into the zone to make a switch.

Scoring: The score for the team is reps of the workout + the calories of the rower. 

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